Potter Place: A right to a place to come.
A right to meaningful relationships.
A right to meaningful work. A right to a place to return.
   Charles Webster Potter Place is an innovative clubhouse program based on the internationally acclaimed Fountain House Clubhouse model in New York City. Potter Place is a psychosocial rehabilitation model with an overall philosophy that stresses participation, ownership and choice for its clubhouse members.

Potter Place provides pre-vocational, vocational and social experiences for individuals who have a mental illness. An average of 40-60 members work together with staff in all phases of clubhouse operations to ensure the successful running of the program on a daily basis.

The day-to-day work of the clubhouse is organized in such a way that members and staff work in partnership. It is designed to help members regain their sense of self worth, self purpose, and vocational confidence by creating a variety of opportunities to be needed and productive.
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