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Leather Corsets for Work and Play

Leather Corsets for Work and Play

There are a wide range of styles of leather corset that can be worn. The most common is a short garment called an “underbust” corset. These style of corsets are also called “waist trainers.” They are designed as a functional item for lacing the waist in to achieve a trim, wasp-waisted look. The second style of corset is called an “overbust” corset, and they are much longer, extending from the bust down to the waist or longer. Unfortunately, most people see leather corsets as a tasteless, unfashionable item, which is a shame. Leather corsets are sexy and very supportive.


If you are looking to purchase a leather corset, there are several things that you should look for. You need to make sure your corset is made of good quality leather or a sturdy vegan leather. You need to check that the boning, the stiff strips sewn into the corset to give it its shape and structure, are high quality. Steel boning is the best type of boning in a corset because it is the strongest, the most supportive, and the most comfortable. Plastic bones can break and become uncomfortable very early in the corset’s lifespan, causing a major bummer for you and your evening.


Corsets are easy to style. If you prefer underbust corsets, wear one with a flowing, loose top and a pair of jeans to achieve an edgy, gothic look. If you prefer the support and stability of an overbust corset, try wearing your overbust as a top with a jacket and a dramatic tulle skirt. It’s typically recommended that you don’t wear corsets directly next to the skin, as a good quality corset is hard to clean. You can buy a fancy corset slip for your skin, or you can just cut the top of a t-shirt off and put it on before you lace into your leather corset. No matter how you style it, leather corsets are an awesome, edgy way to spice up your look.

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